When making substantial changes to your family’s eating, a transition is very appropriate, particularly if you have school-aged kids. The purpose of the ‘kids lunch’ section is to help with your “transition” to healthier eating. The hardest meal is the school lunch. Our “kid’s lunches” aim to link some nutrient-rich foods with ideas that we can implement now. They are simple, familiar and tasty. While certain aspects of them may not be totally healthy to a purist, they are far better solutions to what most kids eat at school. Remember good health is a journey not an event.


Left over roast vegetables from dinner (best to try sweet potato, pumpkin, potato, carrot, zucchini, kale, green beans to start)

Homemade ricotta cheese (optional – but the kids will love it)

Wholemeal bread or wraps


Steam some fresh veggies or use leftovers from the night before. Place all the leftover vegetables into a food processor and process. Use immediately or place in a container and it will keep for about 4 days in the refrigerator. Using a knife paste the vegetables onto a slice of bread. On the other slice paste on the Homemade ricotta cheese and put the two slices together. A great tasting sandwich or wrap.

If using a wrap, try and find a good wholegrain pita bread or Turkish wrap (most good wraps are sugar and dairy free but try and avoid gluten and yeast if you can). If you are really set up for a healthy DIY wrap try using our buckwheat crepe recipe. Roll together and toast on a sandwich maker (below).



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