When making substantial changes to your family’s eating, a transition is very appropriate, particularly if you have school-aged kids. The purpose of the ‘kids lunch’ section is to help with your “transition” to healthier eating. The hardest meal is the school lunch. Our “kid’s lunches” aim to link some nutrient-rich foods with ideas that we can implement now. They are simple, familiar and tasty. While certain aspects of them may not be totally healthy to a purist, they are far better solutions to what most kids eat at school. Remember good health is a journey not an event.

This is a quick recipe using only raw vegetables. For a really tasty variation however, roast pumpkin is a great optional extra to your mix. If you have the time and desire to use roast pumpkin, place several small pieces of Jap or Kent pumpkin onto a baking tray with coconut oil and bake in the oven at 180 degrees for about 40 minutes or until cooked.

Serves 2:

Use a wholegrain pita bread as your wrap

For the crepe filling:

The key here is speed of preparation and using what you have in the refrigerator. Just get some good food on the wrap!

1/2 large carrot

1/2 cup of pre-roasted Jap or Kent pumpkin (optional if you are prepared)

1/2 red onion

4 cups of mixed garden salad greens or make up the following:

4 kale leaves, stems removed

1 cup watercress leaves

2 bok choy leaves

2 leaves of romaine lettuce (or similar)

1 avocado, shell removed

1/4 cup of coriander leaves (optional, but great if you like coriander)

1/4 large red capsicum (optional)

2 white mushrooms

1/4 cup of raw cashews, walnuts or Brazils


Pre-roast the pumpkin in coconut oil and allow to cool. Left over pumpkin is perfect. Place all ingredients including the pumpkin in a food processor and blend until coarsely chopped. Remove from food processor and place on the wrap. As a nice topping or garnish use an organic Dijon mustard, our cashew salad dressing or the eggplant hummus in the ‘Dressings and Sauces’ section.

Simply place the mix into a whole grain pita bread or crepe and place in a flat sandwich grill (as shown). Once the wrap is ‘sealed’ with the heat, wrap in foil or a sandwich bag so that it doesn’t sweat too much.

This filling can be refrigerated and used over several days.


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