Eyesight deterioration has become expected in our society and almost everyone eventually sees an optometrist. But does it have to be that way? Can poor eyesight actually be easily repaired? Could it simply be that simple and logical exercise of eye muscles with ‘light’ restore vision? Rather than just following the masses and accepting what we are told, why not research how your eye muscles work and what alternate techniques may help. Pinhole glasses are a creative alternative well worth researching.



Please have a look at this option before spending thousands on major eye treatment and glasses. The Fruit Loop does not have a relationship with any supplier but you will easily find them in your region. For those in Sydney you can get them from the Suveran Cafe in Bondi Junction at 244 Oxford Street. Check them out at http://www.thesuv.org/.

Note: Pinhole glasses remain largely experimental despite their many claims. Counter claims are also made by optometrists who indicate that they artificially adjust the light entering the eye and are not yet proven to provide long term help. http://vision.about.com/od/eyeglasses/f/Pinhole_Glasses.htm

To this end, you may wish to be a part of this experiment and keep us all in “the loop”. Please treat your eyes seriously however and always have them checked by someone qualified and appropriate, and hopefully somewhat open-minded. Trials in most countries are highly governed and alternate treatments like this one tend to not be able to run “approved” trials. To that end it relies on people doing their own trials to see if they work. Do this wisely and carefully and remember don’t engage your mind to ‘want’ something to be true; be open and honest about finding out if their is a benefit to you in the longer term. Evidence of this will be better vision without glasses or a feeling that your current glasses are now too strong!

The claims of the glasses are that they are ideal for sufferers of refractive eye disorders, the elderly and regular computer users as the pinholes which are formed by laser technology allow direct and coherent light rays to pass into the eye. They will obviously not help every condition but may be of benefit to those who suffer myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, astigmatism or cataracts.

Warning: Never wear them while operating machinery or driving or where sideways vision is required. Do not use as sun glasses. Make sure the holes are clean and clear of grit as complete vision is important.


2 Responses to Restore eyesight with pin-hole glasses

  1. Max & Helen Nixon says:

    How exciting to read about your family
    encouraging “family” which is now spreading the word.
    We are very interested in the progress being made with more folk seeking understanding to their many problems. Keep up the good work…..we are learning all the time even after being interested in “alternate” answers over many, many years.

    • Admin says:

      Thanks Max and Helen. It is great to hear from you and hopefully learn from you as well. I am also enjoying experimenting on myself a little bit as well – how else will be find out what things work and what doesn’t?

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