Here is a link to two articles worth reading. It supports something that we have known for some time which is that diet and exercise have a relationship to cancer, heart disease and other major disease.

The connection between out digestive tracts and immune system is well established and therefore food plays a massive part in our ability to combat disease. Please continue to research the fact that what you eat may have an awkward correlation to cancer, heart disease and other major diseases. Review these articles below and study reputable doctors who are treating patients with high nutrient foods.

Start your own research for yourself and your family by visiting Dr Joel Fuhrman at for information on his nutritional approach to good health and long life. Take time to look at the Member’s Centre and access resources such as past news letters, teleconferences, tutorials, etc. I would also suggest obtaining his books “Eat to Live” and “Super Immunity” which deal with a high-nutrient diet’s ability to prevent and cure many aspects of poor health including cancer and heart disease.


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