Grey hair can look great but if you are not yet ready to go grey, there is a healthy and organic treatment for you. Here are two recipes for treating grey hair.

Recipe 1 – Sage and Rosemary:

1 tsp dried Sage leaf,

1 tsp rosemary stems

500ml of water (boiled)

Place the sage and rosemary into a metal tea strainer (one for loose tea leaves which opens by squeezing the handles). Simply boil the water and pour over the strainer and then allow it to draw in the water for about 15 minutes. Then remove the strainer and allow to cool. Once cool enough place into a container and refrigerate overnight. Then place the ‘tea’ into a spray bottle and keep in your room or bathroom.

It will keep for about 4 weeks or so. If you start to notice a slight odour that will let you know it may be time to renew the mixture.

Instructions for use:

Spray on the roots of the grey hair as much as possible and massage for about 2 minutes into the scalp and hair. It is best to put on at the start of the day in either wet or dry hair.

Repeat this process every day for 3-4 weeks before changes will be noticed. Once the hair has returned to its natural colour, maintain the process about twice a week. If stopped the grey hair will return. This is not a dye but rather an organic activator to your natural colours.

Note: This is experimental and may not necessarily work in all hair and the results vary with each individual. It certainly appears that the more established the grey hair, the more difficult it is to reverse. Please share with us your experiences and whether it has worked or not.

Option 2 – Coconut Oil and lemon:

Mix coconut oil and a dash of lemon and massage you head with the mixture daily. The recipe is known to be very beneficial for treating grey hair and also gives long term benefits in terms of texture, strength as well as length of hair. There are instances of people having black hairs even up to the age of 60-70 years by using this method.


3 Responses to Organic ‘grey hair reversal’ treatment

  1. Lynelle says:

    This is an amazing product. It really works. My hair is almost grey free after 2 weeks of use.

    • Val Stewart says:

      I am also finding this amazing and exciting. I had 2 patches of grey hair on each side of my face. Began using this product and noticed a difference within 8 days. I’ve been using it now for 3 weeks and the hair is my light brown colour.

  2. Val Stewart says:

    I am finding it fun having people make comment on my hair! So even my small amount of grey now light brown in 5 weeks is noticeable!

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