This is a simple and cheap replacement for cows milk. Great on breakfast cereals. Thanks to the Darge family for this recipe.

Makes 2 Litres


2 x Cups Rolled Oats
10 x Cups Water


Put the oats in a large saucepan or container and add 5 cups of water (that is half the water). Make sure the oats are covered with water as they will expand. Leave overnight or for 5-6 hours to soak. Now add the other 5 cups of water then mix well in a blender.
Squeeze the mix into a bowl through a nut milk bag or muslin/cheese cloth to remove sediment.

Pour milk into jars and chill in the fridge ready to serve.

If the whole mix doesn’t fit in your blender then blend it in two portions. I have tried other straining methods but a synthetic nut bag  or cheesecloth works best. I found that 12 cups of water made it too watery. You can eat the remaining sediment as it is just porridge.



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