Thanks to Mavis Nixon for this little gem. Wow you’ve made some kids happy with this one! A great snack or dessert.

Makes 18 balls.


3/4 cup (100g) Medjool dates, pitted

1/2 cup  (100g) round dried figs (replace the figs for more dates if you don’t have them)

1/2 cup (40g) desiccated coconut (toasted coconut is OK if you prefer)

1 cup (140g) chopped nuts (almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, pecans etc)

2 tsp of cacao powder or cocoa powder (if you like a chocolate flavour)

Extra desiccated coconut (about 1/2 cup) in a bowl for final rolling


Process all ingredients in a food processor high powered blender until mixture forms a paste.

(Tip: If you don’t have a processor, simply dice the fruit and nuts before adding all other ingredients and then you can process by hand by squeezing all ingredients together in your fingers.)

Once made, take about a tablespoon of mixture and roll in your hands until round and then roll it in the extra coconut. Done! If it is too crumbly and doesn’t stick very well, simply melt about 1 Tbsp of coconut oil and add to the mixture.

Store Mavis’ Bliss Balls in airtight container in fridge. They are not suitable to freeze.


2 Responses to Mavis’ bliss balls

  1. Val says:

    These are delicious! I added 1/2 tsp cinnamon just for fun instead of the cocoa powder but it would have had enough flavour as it was.

  2. Amy says:

    This is amazing and it tastes exactly the same as real chocolate. What’s great is that I know that it is healthy for me. I suggest you try these if you love a yummy treat.

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