1 banana, chopped and frozen (if you haven’t frozen the banana add some ice cubes)

5 large kale leaves (or 3 cups of baby spinach if you prefer)

1 small piece of raw broccoli (optional)

1/2 cup of raw walnuts (or cashews or almonds work well also)

1-2 cups oat milk, adjust to get your best consistency (or almond milk or rice milk) OR coconut water from a young green coconut works really well also.

1 Tbsp chia seeds (optional)

1 tsp maca powder (optional but very good)

1 tsp hemp seeds (optional)


Add all ingredients to a high powered blender and use pulse function to crush the frozen banana pieces. Then puree until smooth (because I don’t like lumps). Don’t worry if you don’t have all those extra little ingredients – simply enjoy whatever you have. I prefer the baby spinach more than the kale, but kale is high in nutrition.

This is a great breakfast to get me going for the day!

Love Amy



2 Responses to Amy’s kickstart banana smoothie

  1. Daniel says:

    Great smoothie mate its practically a meal.

    I didn’t have the dandylion or maca powder so instead added:

    * a couple of scoops of pure whey protein powder
    * teaspoon of cocoa powder
    * half cup of shredded coconut

    It’s the best green stuff I’ve ever tasted!

  2. Daniel says:

    Just a note on the flax seed, they easily and quickly go rancid and become carcinogenic.
    To avoid this:
    * Buy in small quantities
    * Store in the fridge
    * Use quickly while fresh

    Alternatively use flax seed oil, also buy in small bottle and store in the fridge.

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