There are many websites and recipes available for tasty food which all of us enjoy and explore regularly. The Fruit Loop however,  deliberately focuses on recipes which promote ‘high-level nutrition‘ or provide a ‘healthier alternative‘ to conventional products (such as commercial breads, thick shakes, salad dressings or tomato sauce). To this end, all our recipes generally try to exclude wheat (because all commercial wheat is now dwarf-wheat which is a GMO in order to grow fast), sugar, grains, yeast and dairy. The focus is away from any refined foods. The Fruit Loop is a celebration of amateur cooking, poor photography and whole foods (organic if you can).

We also understand the importance of transition, particularly with younger families. Lifestyle changes to your diet simply can’t happen overnight. You may start on a particular day, but it takes months to learn how to shop and put together meals which taste nice and are balanced nutritionally. It requires a massive commitment to cook and prepare nutritious meals, particularly when western-society hasn’t embraced nutrition in recent decades. We really have become a fast food and processed food society.

Our aim is to help you prepare meals which are extremely high in their nutrient content, but hopefully tasty and free from refined or artificial food. If you are connecting with The Fruit Loop it is likely that you have a passion for extreme health or you have poor health and an unhealthy long term prognosis. Whole foods will help provide a way to reverse your body’s health-trajectory. The good news is that medical evidence suggests that healthy foods will bring about an improvement in your health and “today” is always the best day to start.

This is therefore not a diet but a resource to help you make better eating choices each meal. Listen to your own body and not external advice. A high nutrient, wholefood diet will help in this regard and certainly isn’t dangerous.

Hopefully these recipes will help you with new cooking techniques, shopping strategies and ideas which will assist in your transition from a less healthy diet to a healthier one as well as be fun. If you are just starting it will be hard. Nutrient-rich foods don’t taste as good as sugar-laden foods at first. That feeling will pass if you stick with it! Once you get past about 6 weeks of consistent nutrition and no refined sugar, your palate will recalibrate. You will find many old cravings pass and a new palate emerges which gives an appreciation for everything in ‘God’s garden’. Of course, cooking it yourself well helps immensely and this is the focus of The Fruit Loop.

The Fruit Loop recipes avoid any reliance on dairy or animal proteins (meat and eggs) and focus more on natural foods which grow on a tree or in the ground. Our reason for this is that animal protein does stimulate the IGF-1 hormone (puberty hormone) which is known to promote aging and has strong links to cancer. Protein is obviously necessary but we try and provide recipes which allow for plant-based protein as well.

While many participants may still eat meat and eggs, recipes for these are abundant and tasty and don’t need to be replicated here. Many of our recipes may therefore be a great addition to your own favourite dish. Remember that The Fruit Loop aims to help you transition towards better nutrition. You will find enough recipes here to keep you going for a very long time with a rich variety of tastes and styles!

We also acknowledge the divergent view of ‘experts’ on many dietary issues such as (1) fruit intake, (2) the appropriate quantity of animal protein, and (3) dairy intake. In response, The Fruit Loop experience is that fruit and vegetables promote health and alkalinity. The removal of dairy has consistently resulted in extreme health improvements for all. Commercial diary is heat treated which removes nutrients, full of chemicals and often contains antibiotics due to the poor health of the farmed animals proving this milk (usually mastitis). The removal of dwarf-wheat (GMO) for the diet almost always results in people experiencing a feeling of better health.

Therefore, our focus is on learning and growing together to build a great database of NUTRIENT-RICH recipes and healthier ALTERNATIVES to unhealthy but common foods and treats.

We understand that diet has the ability to stimulate our immune system and thereby promote optimal health. We therefore acknowledge that food also has the ability to damage our immune system and make us dangerously unhealthy. We observe that substantial scientific research and clinical trials point to higher immune system function being generally achieved through high quantities of good vegetables (particularly leafy-greens) and fruit with appropriate serves of beans, nuts and seeds. The same science also points to the potential dangers of the many additives in what we eat as well as overeating foods which are substantially low in nutrient content.

This website does not promote a diet and does not seek to label itself as many people currently do. Indeed an adversarial or competitive approach to eating makes no sense at all. We all have different insights, different bodies and different experiences. Sharing home-made whole food together is a rich and ancient experience. Judgement and competitiveness towards others will only lessen the experience.

Recipes that promote high nutrient value AND exclude unhealthy things (grains, sugar, yeast and dairy) are hard to find and harder to cook if you don’t know how. The Fruit Loop’s focus is to help us all get equipped with better food alternatives and to nourish our bodies the way they were meant to be nourished. Our shared recipes and ideas should help get you started. Once your own creative flair kicks in and you create something stunning, share it with us all. Your reliance on recipes will reduce as you intuitively start to create meals.

A major aim of The Fruit Loop is to give you useful resources to advance the health and well-being of your family. Enjoy your cooking and start looking through ‘new eyes’ as you buy food.

If you don’t know (1) who made it, (2) how they made or (3) what they made it from, then our guidance would be to not put it into your body if you don’t absolutely have to. Be wise and read the ingredient list of everything your purchase. Make informed decisions about your dietary intake and be very wary about certain chemicals and additives which are added to processed food. Remember “fresh is best” and safer for your health. Buy organic and local if you can and become friends with the local growers in your region or the shopkeeper who gets up early to bring it to your suburb.

The long term impacts of many additives in our foods are yet to be fully understood and most countries and governments are happy to experiment on people until something harmful is discovered. For instance, the correlations between increases in cancer and heart disease and the increase in packaged and processed food consumption are startling and deserve your full and immediate investigation. Take charge of your own health.

When cooking ‘think’ about the food you are eating: How did it arrive? Where did it grow? Who helped it grow? Who kept the bugs away and how? Was the soil good? How are the food’s chemicals reacting with my body’s chemicals? These are all good questions and things we should explore with our children. Teach them to honour the food they eat; bless those who contributed to it being on your plate and appreciate the soil that nourished it along the way.

How can I contribute?

Please note that The Fruit Loop is not seeking or intending to provide any medical advice or fill the role of any health care professional. You should always consult your doctor about your health, particularly if you have any underlying conditions. Please be wise and be sensible, as seeing your doctor at the appropriate time and doing health tests is as important as putting healthy things into and onto your body. You are encouraged however to find a good doctor who understands the impacts of nutrients and plant-chemicals on your body so that they can provide you with a total healing package, not just medicine all the time. This is not intended to diminish the role of medicine at the right time, but eating a nutrient-rich diet will remove the need to be with your doctor all the time! Be well.

And by-the-way, if your doctor is unhealthy, overweight and doesn’t understand the role of food – find a new one!

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