At The Fruit Loop, we are all committed to physical and spiritual development but know there is much to learn. The Fruit Loop is a community of people looking to take charge of their own well-being and be an encouragement to others. We promote continual learning and sensible, transparent experimentation that is fun and creative. We have no agenda to push and are not into ‘labels’ which define eating styles. We just want to learn from each other about fun and creative ways we can live healthier and longer lives as well as enjoy the tastes and textures of whole foods.

Your contributions to Recipes and Blog Comments are therefore critical to the success of The Fruit Loop. You can make comments under each recipe and are welcome to make suggestions which may improve taste or health. You may also click on the link to Submit an appropriate Recipe. All comments and recipes may be edited for brevity and clarity if required.

Eating and living well is not always easy to do, particularly if you have children and you are busy. It requires a different approach to shopping, food storage and cooking, but can be very rewarding and fun once you get the hang of it. The Fruit Loop connects you with the knowledge-base and experiences of others to help you into this process. This is not meant to be a one-way process however, but rather something which grows and improves over time – with your input.

If you wish to be involved, please read Our Focus and ensure your input is consistent with our general vision and aim. That is not to say you don’t have a valid comment or recipe, it just may be more appropriate on an alternate website with a different focus.

We acknowledge there is a mountain of misinformation in the world about health and diet and even the experts examining the thousands of trials and studies can’t agree on everything. To that end we seek to be very well informed by reputable doctors and nutritional experts who examine a broad range of studies. We also commit to being slightly experimental as we have fun learning together. Our own testimonies and improvement will also build this community into the future.

Please note that The Fruit Loop is not seeking or intending to provide any medical advice or fill the role of any health care professional. You should always consult your doctor about your health, particularly if you have any underlying conditions. Please be wise and be sensible, as seeing your doctor at the appropriate time is as important as putting healthy things into (and onto) your body. You are encouraged however to find a good doctor who understands the impacts of nutrients and plant-chemicals on your body so that they can provide you with a total healing package, not just medicine. This is not intended to diminish the role of medicine at the right time, but eating a nutrient-rich diet will remove the need to be with your doctor all the time! Be well.


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