Eating Plan #1 – Background Paper

This is a Background Paper to a seven day eating plan to be implemented for six weeks. It is designed to help people with more rapid weight loss, however it is highly likely that other positive health benefits will also become evident, but please consult your doctor as part of an overall monitoring program.

What do I tell my doctor?

Some people just eat well because they want to and may not be currently even seeing a doctor about anything.

If you do have a known condition are are on medication, you will need to work with your doctor to reduce medication if you are moving from low nutrient foods to this high nutrient eating plan. This eating plan will change your immune system! This will be highly likely if you are medicated for diabetes, blood pressure and the like. Please – work with your doctors and talk to them about what you are doing. But, if your doctor doesn’t support a move away from a refined sugar or a move towards high-nutrient foods then GET A NEW DOCTOR! Take control of your health and use your doctor wisely. If they think refined sugar is good for you then sack them and tell them why you sacked them! A good doctor will monitor and guide you as your health is restored. Find a doctor who is trying to get you out of his rooms, not coming back to them all the time.

What is the major feature of this eating plan?

This is not a diet, it is a new lifestyle. It is really simple – you are now eating whole foods which stimulate your immune system thereby equipping your body to better heal itself and function at higher levels than you may have known previously. Enjoy it! Simply put, whole foods are easier to digest and have higher levels of nutrients which stimulate all cellular function within all areas of your body.

Dr Joel Fuhrman MD who has prepared many of the meals in this plan has this very simple formula for good health:

Health = Nutrition/Calories

Get that score as high as you can. More nutrients and lower calories occur in whole foods, particularly green veggies. Refined foods have had all the goodness “refined” out of them and sugars added to make them taste good. These produce a score of way less than 1 and over time is destroying our bodies at the cellular level. You never have to count calories again when you are eating nutrient-rich whole foods. Remember low calories in a fast food meal is totally irrelevant if it is low in nutrition as well.In fact your body uses all your existing nutrients to digest the trash you just put into yourself. Your net nutritional position after eating that meal will be worse than before you ate it – despite feeling full. You can eat yourself to death, and many people in the western world are doing that. We now observe many teenagers dying of cancer around the world. Watching calories is a tremendous distraction to good eating and one that the food industry should be accountable for.

I have never yet seen a chain restaurant reporting on the “phytochemical” content of the green vegetables in their meals.

What things am I giving up on this plan?

Basically you will generally not be eating grains, sugar, dairy, yeast, gluten and you will be substantially reducing your intake of animal proteins. No dietary labels are relevant here – you are not becoming a vegan or vegetarian (unless you want to or are already) but you are committing to a “nutrient rich” lifestyle which stimulates your immune system.

When you are really well, you body can easily deal with toxins when they enter your body. That is what we were designed to do. That is what body odour is – to let us know there are toxins being released. Our cells are quite capable when we look after them.

How much do I need to eat?

Portion sizes and calories are now in your past. In fact, the more you eat the quicker you will lose weight and notice improvements in your health. If you are overweight and have a history of watching portion sizes you will need to adjust your thinking. The portion sizes here need to be so large that you may attract criticism from friends and family! The soups and salads are so healthy you really should eat them from a fruit bowl not a plate!

I am not joking about this. These meals have so few calories, you need big helpings to keep your calories high enough. The dressings and sauces help with that.

You simply cannot damage your health or body by eating too much nutrient-rich food. It is the fat filled, refined foods which cause damage. Obviously some foods are so rich in nutrition (like kale) that you wouldn’t eat it all day everyday – hence a balanced and varied diet.

How often do I need to eat?

Forget all you have heard about speeding up your metabolism. A good diet will do that naturally. Your cells are naturally designed to clean themselves or detoxify. It is becoming clear that your body will spend 2 hours digesting and then 3 hours cleansing. If you eat within this 5 hour process, your cells will stop detoxifying and you restart the digestive process. Many may disagree with this, however I have observed it to work really well and it makes logical sense. Your cells are like your body – they absorb food, retain the good and expel the waste. This takes time. Whole foods allow your cells to do this much quicker and easier. Refined foods and most animal proteins are much harder for our body to digest.

Just have 3 really big meals a day which are so full of nutrition that you won’t get hungry between meals. Trust me; high nutrient meals last for hours.

What if I feel hungry?

There is a toxic hunger and a genuine hunger. Most people in the western world have never known true hunger. Our usual hunger is experienced low in the digestive system and really is a craving for sugars and fats. This is toxic hunger. True hunger is felt in the throat area near the sternum. In short – just toughen up and embrace it as part of your withdrawal. Use it as motivation to heal your body of the toxic cravings.

What are the hardest things about this new lifestyle?

Eating healthy, tasty food is easy, but the road to get there is hard. The key things you WILL have to overcome are:

  1. Change. You need to change how and where you shop for food. You will need to read package ingredients on everything. Your first shopping trip will take 2 hours and you will spend about $40! You will stand in the isle reading ingredients wondering how you never identified the ‘crap’ that is in our packaged foods.
  2. Storage. Go through your pantry and refrigerator and throw out the rubbish food. Be prepared to buy new storage containers for your fridge and pantry to contain all the new food you will have; some food stuff you will have never heard of but will soon become your best friend.
  3. Withdrawal. Removing sugar and foods which have toxins is potentially hard – your body has a long term addiction to them and you may feel like you are in withdrawal.
  4. Initial loss of energy. You will experience some initial energy loss as your body adjusts to massive reductions in salt, sugar and toxins in processed foods. For about 2 weeks you may almost need a daytime nap! Just go with your body and know this is a vital part of the recalibration process. Many people blame this on the loss of meat or suggest veggies are not a good source of energy. Persevere and you will see they are wrong. Within 2-6 weeks your organs will have adjusted and you will feel full of energy. You will actually feel changes in your kidney as it changes the amount of salt that is expelled through your urine.
  5. Cooking! This eating plan is likely to represent a massive change to your culture and be very different to how you were raised. You will find you need to spend much more time cooking and reading the recipes in order to make the cultural shift to a healthy lifestyle. After about 12 weeks it all becomes second nature and you will be inventing new recipes based on the new knowledge and observations you’ve made. Please be patient.
  6. Doubt and lack of perseverance. You must give it 6 weeks. You may hate it for this first 6 weeks. Your body may be in shock and then go to heaven on the same day. Stick with it. The extent of withdrawal will depend on how bad your previous eating habits really were. Remember, you are changing culture not starting a new diet.
  7. Expectations. Many people have unrealistic expectations about diet. Don’t bring any expectations to this eating plan. Look at the food in each meal and observe how healthy it is and know you are starting a change for the better. Many people have lost weight quickly while other languish for months losing it slowly. Years and decades of poor eating are not undone quickly. Be patient and don’t just focus on your weight. You are becoming more and more healthy.

Does this eating plan cost more?

This is a tough question. You will end up buying more organic food and expensive nuts and seeds. Your meat bill will be way down as will all the junk food and snacks. My experience is that it is about the same and maybe slightly cheaper. Vegetables are really cheap and you will buy massive amounts and be surprised at how low the cost is. The initial stocking of your ‘new’ pantry will be quite expensive but many of these ingredients (such as chia, ground flaxseed, nuts, maca powder etc) will last for many months.

Do I need to give up coffee and alcohol?

These should be limited. Dr Fuhrman who promotes this type of eating plan recommends no more than 1 coffee per day and a glass or two of wine. The issue is their addictive nature and the fact that they can work against the absorption of nutrients and minerals. Observe your own body and work with it. Replace a morning coffee with a lemon tea for example.

What should I focus on when I eat?

I suggest you focus on your body’s cells. It is well established that certain meditations assist with digestion, so being aware of the cells in your digestive tract is a fun thing to experiment with. Focus on your brain as you eat brain food and your heart as you eat heart-healthy food. Explore this new world!

Most conditions we call disease are not diseases at all, but simply symptoms of your cells in distress. Cancer is not a disease it is a reaction! Your cells are waving the ‘white flag’ and trying to tell you that ‘something is wrong’. These symptoms are similar to lights on the dashboard of your car. You don’t cover up your oil light when it flashes red so take time to think of what your body is saying to you when it gives pain or fails. Most of the time it will be cellular distress and can be fixed through healthy eating (except for well established medical conditions). This nutrient-rich lifestyle helps you get in touch with your cells. Over time you will become fascinated by how well you can ‘feel’ the cells in your body and know what your body is feeling.

Another helpful focus is to honour the food as you eat it and honour those who grew it. Do this in your own way. Food is a living thing. All plants have an intelligence and have life. Their roots search for water and you are 70% water. Think about the food you are eating and what it is and what it is doing for you. Eat slowly, chew well and honour the food as it nourishes you.

Could my old eating habits inhibit this new plan from working?

Yes it can. Most people notice immediate change, but the speed will vary. If you have a gut full of yeast for example, it will act as an antagonist to your body absorbing minerals and some nutrients. It is estimated that some 90% of people in the western world have candida which is a yeast overgrowth. It will take time. This plan is a cleansing plan as well but you may need to be patient as old rubbish can take time to remove itself.

Is the way I cook food important?

Yes it is. It is now well established that extreme heat and baking will remove most nutrients from foods. In some case, many claim that roasting starchy vegetables releases a cancer agent, but I am not sure about that one – although many say they are sure – it does! Remember food is alive – it is not dead. It has seeds and juice and it grows. If you put something in a really hot oven until the edges blacken – you really have killed it. We would be dead and so is the food. To that end, it is well established that steaming and boiling is a far more gentle way to cook food and most nutrients are maintained. Indeed in some cases, different nutrients are activated from when it was raw.

With vegetables, it is very important to have the cell walls ‘smashed’. This happens when you chew food or cut it with a knife. The more you smash green vegetables at a cellular level the more nutrients and enzymes are released. The most effective way to get nutrition from greens is to blend them raw until they are fully juiced. This is why we suggest so many juices in this eating plan.

It is absolutely true that RAW IS BEST when it comes to vegetables. That is why we focus on salads and juices so much. Gentle heating on a pan also is a gentle way to mix flavours and still retain nutrients.

You will also see water sauteing of vegetables as well. This is healthier than using oils which are all saturated fats and break down under heat. Olive oil is the best of the bunch but it is still an unstable saturated fat and should be minimised. Coconut oil is what I suggest as it remains fully stable at a chemical level under any kind of heat. It is also well established to have many healing benefits which is being proven by many doctors around the world (research the work of Dr Bruce Fife and Joseph Mercola). You still should only buy good quality cold-pressed virgin coconut oil.

I don’t recommend microwave ovens. Microwaves cause cancer and severely damage cells in humans and plants. I personally won’t recommend you eat food that has been subjected to ‘nuclear’ treatment. Take time to defrost food naturally and reheat gently on a stove top. It requires better planning but will produce good results as well.

Should I go on a cleanse or special diet?

This is really tough to answer. Look carefully at all diets. If it is trying to sell you anything – run away! Do your own research. Again Dr Fuhrman suggests that a nutrient-rich diet will cleanse totally although he does agree certain foods may do it quicker than others. The phytochemicals in green vegetables must have time to do their work. Again, talk to your doctor and be wise and do your own research.

We live in an internet era where 360 degrees of differing opinion is offered as truth. Most is rubbish just trying to make money from you. Many food-related studies are funded by industry groups or private companies seeking to protect their own interests. Do your own research and be appropriately skeptical. You should challenge all that you read on this website and make sure it is appropriate.

Should I exercise as well?

In short – yes. A daily routine of rigorous exercise is so good for you. If you struggle with that don’t despair. I deliberately made no change to my exercise routine and lost 14 kg in about 6 months. I wasn’t even that large, but I ate my way to a lean 75 kg and then simply stopped losing. My body found its ideal weight and stayed there.

Ironically, as you lose weight and gain energy you will want to exercise. Exercise will speed up weight loss and is well documented to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease by considerable percentages. Extreme exercise (such as daily marathons) are not suggested and indeed have been shown to result in early death.

What other things might I notice (after the initial detox)?

This will be unique to every person, however I will share from my experience as well as those I have observed:

  1. A noticeable improvement to food tastes once your palate is cleansed of artificial sugars. It will happen at about the 5 week stage and brings a lovely richness to most foods. Enjoy.
  2. An obvious appearance of looking younger.
  3. Weight loss to an extent which may shock some people who don’t see you regularly.
  4. A total loss of body odour.
  5. A change in skin colour to be more orange from carotenoids in all the vegetables. This is good – everyone else is the WRONG colour.
  6. Increase in flatulence after certain vegetable dishes.
  7. Increase in urine output. This will be due to antioxidants as well as detoxification. It is normal and fine.
  8. Increase in stools. It is suggested that 2-3 stools per day is optimal when eating well. Don’t worry if you at this level.
  9. Decrease in joint pain and muscle pain.
  10. Complete reduction of mucus – in the morning particularly.
  11. A reduction in overall sickness and an obvious ability to fight sickness very easily – when compared to previous experience or others on low-nutrient diets.
  12. An increase in concentration and brain function.

If you want more detail, I suggest you read two books by Dr Joel Fuhrman called “Super Immunity” and “Eat to Live”. They have transformed my understanding of food and our immune system.

Please visit for more information on his nutritional approach to good health and long life. Take time to look at the Member’s Centre and access resources such as past news letters, teleconferences, tutorials, etc.




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