This eating plan is a ‘fast’ or a ‘cleanse’ which is designed as a quick catalyst to assist with weight loss or improved health. The juice diet should be done as a 6 day cleanse and only for longer under medical supervision. If you are on any medication please consult your doctor and do this eating plan under their supervision. It will be likely over time that much of your medication can be reduced or even removed but this must only be done under medical advisement. Remember that the fruit component of these juices are high in natural sugar and also have had the fiber removed which is not desirable in the long term. The fruit exists to give some nutrition and help balance the taste of the vegetable juice which can be bitter for some. The reason for this ‘fast’ is to get the high quantity of nutrients from the vegetables going straight into your system without the need for major digestion of anything else. This will result in a major stimulation of your immune system so use more green vegetables at every opportunity.

Before you start, read the recipes and work out a shopping list. You will be likely to need to shop almost every day for fresh fruit and vegetables.

The following points are important:

  • Stock your refrigerator with all ingredients before starting. Good preparation is crucial.
  • Try and ensure you have at least 500mL of juice every meal. More is good.
  • You are to have no other food during the fast.
  • The fast also has no allowance for alcohol, tea or coffee. If you are thirsty have only water. If you need a tea have a peppermint or chamomile tea or just squeeze the juice from half a lemon into boiling water.
  • Lunch juices should be prepared in the morning and taken to work.
  • You will need a blender and a vegetable juicer.
  • Try and have a good 5 hour cleanse between each meal. This is when your body is detoxing and your cells are cleansing.
  • For some juice ideas to get started, simply click on the juice below and go to that recipe. Over time you will just make them up yourselves as you get to understand taste combinations. You can have any juice at any time of the day but here are some suggestions.

Celery and berry smoothie

Spinach Iced Soup,

Blue berry orange smoothie

High Cruciferous Juice

Mixed vegetable juice

Cucumber juice (Good for a snack if you need one)

Vegetable Slushie

Orange Juice

Beetroot and Greens juice

Pineapple and Carrot juice

Carrot and capsicum juice

Cabbage and pear juice

‘Cookies and cream’ juice

LLB with a twist

‘Roots to fruits’ juice

Good health to you all from The Fruit Loop



One Response to Eating Plan #3 – Six day vegetable juice detox

  1. Val Stewart says:

    Love it! Have been using juice for 3 days and have lost 3.3kg – plus being healthy!!!

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