This eating plan has been designed to try and help people into a high nutrition diet while being reasonably simple. This eating plan is appropriate for those looking to lose weight and also improve some “vitals” such as blood pressure, cholesterol and vitamin levels.

Before participating in this plan, you must read the “Healthy Eating Plan #1 – Background Information”. It is critical you read this and understand what you are embarking on and gain answers to questions that will arise. Here are some basic rules to start:

  • Stock your pantry with all ingredients and read our Weekly shopping list. Good preparation is crucial;
  • Read your recipes a day in advance so you can prepare well and allow enough time;
  • Swap meals around if you want to;
  • Swap days around if you want to;
  • Enjoy massive helpings and the rich new tastes;
  • The eating plan for days 6 and 7 are set up like a weekend and lunches are better prepared at home;
  • Have more serves of your favourite meals if you like, but keep a good balance;
  • Freezing meals is fine so they can be used in the next week which will minimise cooking times;
  • Lunches are designed to be able to be taken to work. Prepare them the night before or in the morning and take them in a cooler or place in a refrigerator at work.
  • You will need a blender and a vegetable juicer. A food processor is handy in the long term as well;
  • I have provided options which cater for different tastes, time-frames and seasonality of certain fruits. The bracketed numbers show how many courses there are. You should eat all courses. The various options for some courses are noted by using the word “OR”. In this case you pick only one of the options.
  • Desserts are essentially optional; if you are done in the kitchen don’t worry about them but if you like a dessert these are good ones for you.
  • Simply click on the meal and go to that recipe.

DAY 1:

Breakfast: (1) Fruit Plate AND (2) Amy’s kickstart banana smoothie OR Amy’s liquid lunch.

Lunch: (1) Quinoa mango salad OR Mandarin spinach salad OR Chickpea and kale salad AND (2) a chocolate muffin.

Dinner: (1) Broccoli with red lentil sauce AND (2) mashed sweet potato AND (3) some grilled fish or plate of your favourite steamed vegetables AND (4) Banana and nut sorbet or Quick banana pancakes.

DAY 2:

Breakfast: (1) Anti-cancer goulash AND (2) Matilda’s magnificent berry smoothie OR Orange Juice.

Lunch: Green strawberry salad

Dinner: (1) No meat balls AND (2) Kale and mango salad AND (3) Apple surprise

DAY 3:

Breakfast: (1) Spinach Iced Soup AND (2) Orange juice OR Amy’s kickstart banana smoothie

Lunch: (1) Holy Guacamole with the mentioned raw vegetables AND (2) your favourite piece of fruit.

Dinner: (1) Tomato vegetable bisque OR Black Forest cream of mushroom soup AND (2) Hallas bread (optional) AND (3) Dipping Chocolate with strawberries, banana and apple.

DAY 4:

Breakfast: (1) Special oatmeal AND (2) Blueberry orange smoothie OR two pieces of fruit.

Lunch: (1) 1L of High Cruciferous Juice AND (2) two Chocolate muffins AND (3) 1 piece of fruit OR Zucchini slice.

Dinner: (1) Atlantic salmon and green veggies OR Asian vegetable stir fry AND (2) Matilda’s banana supreme

DAY 5:

Breakfast: (1) Banana-beetroot Porridge OR Quinoa apricot porridge AND (2) Mango and pawpaw mint delight OR orange juice.

Lunch: Mandarin spinach salad OR green strawberry salad OR kale and orange salad.

Dinner: (1) Hearty vegetable stew OR vegetable soup AND (2) banana walnut ice cream.

DAY 6:

Breakfast: (1) Vegetable slushie AND (2) Banana blueberry crepe OR Pumpkin banana smoothie

Lunch: (2) Stir fried coleslaw AND (2) Avocado and beetroot snack OR Zucchini slice

Dinner: (1) Thai red curry OR Lynnie’s vegetable bake AND (2) Banana and nut sorbet

DAY 7:

Breakfast: (1) Asparagus omelette  AND (3) Celery and berry smoothie

Lunch: (1) Pumpkin salad AND (2) Val’s rainbow roll up

Dinner: (1) No pasta vegetable lasagne OR Rogan Josh curry with carrot salad OR Butter chicken AND (2) Chia seed pudding with fresh fruit.


Snacks to enjoy whenever you like: Mavis’ bliss balls, blueberry slice, moose balls, chocolate muffins and any other stuff from the Snacks and Treats section of The Fruit Loop.

Good health to you all.


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