Dish-washing powder is expensive. This recipe here works well, and won’t clog up your dishwasher. It’s a lot cheaper than shop-bought dishwasher powder, and it is safe for grey water and septic systems.


2 cups bicarbonate of soda – from the cleaning aisle of the supermarket
1/2 cup sea salt – powdered, not the rock variety
1/2 cup citric acid – You’ll find this in the baking aisle of your supermarket.


Place all ingredients into a small glass bowl and mix thoroughly with a metal spoon until completely combined. Make sure you bash out any lumps. Label clearly. Store in a sealable glass jar. One tablespoon per dishwasher load is sufficient to clean well.

Rinse aid:

White vinegar works beautifully as a rinse aid


This detergent will clump together a bit because of the citric acid. Try these ideas to help make this product easier to use:

  • Add a Tbsp of white rice in a small cloth bag to the detergent to help absorb moisture.
  • After combining ingredients, leave the mixture out and stir several times each day for a day or two.
  • Add citric acid separately to each dishwasher load rather than adding it to the detergent.
  • If your dishwashers takes blocks of hard detergent, form your blocks in ice cube trays immediately after you have mixed your ingredients. Then use one cube for each load.



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