Deodorant usually contains many toxins, chemicals and things that generally shouldn’t be put into your system. I never worried about these things previously because they don’t go in my mouth. But I then learned that our armpits absorb all these toxins directly into our system. Anti-perspirant sprays also blocks up vital pores which eject toxins which shouldn’t be in our body. Blocking these pores means that dangerous toxins are stored in our arm-pit region and can lead to longer term health issues, particularly such as breast cancer in women. Our body is forced to deal with all of them internally when we close off these natural ‘exit doors’.

So after much research, here is my preferred homemade deodorant which all our family have found to work really well in removing odour while allowing natural, healthy perspiration. I have found it to work better than any commercial product I have previously used.


5 Tbsp. of Virgin Coconut Oil

2 ½ Tbsp of unrefined shea butter (not the fragrant stuff from a chemist)

1/3 cup of sodium bicarbonate

2 tsp of zinc oxide powder (optional)

2 tsp of witch hazel oil with 45% alcohol (from health store)

1 tsp of Eucalyptus oil (optional)

Essential fragrance oils of your choice – I used orange oil


Mix the shea butter and coconut oil in a bowl and whip as hard as you can. It should almost go creamy and this will help remove lumps of butter. Add the sodium bicarb and zinc oxide (purchase this from a good pharmacist who makes up their own products) and whip again. Then add all the oils and stir in thoroughly.

Place in small containers and store in a cool place. Each day use about 1/4 – 1/2 tsp under each arm and massage in. It is slightly oily but will rub in well.



3 Responses to Deodorant

  1. Admin says:

    Note: I have recently stopped eating dairy products (cows milk and cheese) and have noticed that ALL my body odour has basically disappeared; even on days when I tried experimenting with no deodorant. This may also have something to do with ceasing the use of commercial chemicals as well, but the change is quite dramatic.

  2. Lewis says:

    I agree that a while after stopping using commercial deodorant there is much less need for any deodorant. I think it’s because the antiperspirant properties block the pores building up bacteria and toxins.
    I suggest next beach holiday stop using deodorant and instead go for lots of swims, this will help get through the ugly phase. By the end of your holiday a little dusting of bicarbonate soda under the arms will do the trick.
    Alternatively, stop using deodorant and replace with an antiseptic cream for the next 10 days only. That will get you through the uglies.
    Note though that some people are sensitive to bicarbonate soda. Alternative try is tea tree oil but that too can be irritating for some folk.

  3. Lewis says:

    I should have said a dusting of bicarbonate soda does not work well if you are wearing a black top. Sweat lines present white – washes out easy enough but not a good look.

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