OK, that cup of coffee you’ve come to love so much isn’t really the healthiest thing you have in the day, but one cup a day is really quite acceptable. Whatever healthy thing you are currently into (like a lemon tea before breakfast to kick-start your metabolism) a nice coffee is still a great thing to enjoy. Non-dairy milk can often leave you a little short on taste as most non-dairy milks don’t really do it like the old cow’s milk used to.

Here is something worth trying to see if you like it.


1 shot of Espresso coffee

1 cup of homemade oat milk or homemade coconut milk (brought to the boil in a saucepan, steamed by your coffee machine or made by your local barrister). I would suggest the oat milk is the tastier option of the two as the coconut milk doesn’t froth up as well. Many people however love the taste of coconut milk.


Place the shot of coffee in a cup and pour over the boiling coconut milk and enjoy. Take your milk to your local cafe and they will steam it for you and serve it up professionally.

Note: Coffee is a drug and best limited to one per day. Take your milk to your favourite cafe in a bottle and they will use it to make your coffee. You won’t feel like you’re missing out at all this way!



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