This is a delightful dessert which is the combination of some existing desserts already on this site. Combining them all in this way allows for a nice cake to be used on birthdays, a formal dinner party or for when you have guests over who celebrate and enjoy whole foods.

For the base:

Make the base or crust as per the crust in our raw cheesecake recipe. You may wish to make a double portion if you like a thicker base.

For the filling:

Make a double batch of the chocolate raspberry ice cream and add on top of the base. Then make the chocolate mousse and add to the top of the raspberry ice cream layer.Raspberry cake 001


Place the base down first and press it flat with your fingers. Then add the ice cream filling. The top mousse layer has two options:

(1) add the mousse to the filling and freeze the entire dessert – but note that the mousse freezes harder than the other two layers;

(2) freeze the base and ice cream layer only. Place the mousse in the refrigerator and layer it on to serve.

This is obviously a three layered dessert – base, ice cream and mousse. Each section is delightful in its own right but this is a rich and lovely dessert which is free of dairy, sugar and gluten.

Raspberry cake 005


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