An alternate consideration to help remove cancer from the body:

This is a brief summary of one of the most significant health issues facing mankind so it must be read and understood within that context. There are mountains of books and medical papers out there dealing with the issue of cancer.


The Fruit Loop is hopefully an avenue for balanced thinking which plays some part in helping restore your health. There is so much ‘momentum’ and information around the approach to cancer treatment by Western medicine that The Fruit Loop aims to bring a somewhat more holistic view to help balance what has traditionally been a one-sided approach. In short, the concepts explored here are therefore less medical and more ‘herbal’. Traditionally, a ‘herbal’ or holistic approach is often labelled “alternate” however if we understand the role of food and herbs in health treatment over thousands of years, there is a strong case supporting the notion that it is western medicine that is “alternate” as it has hijacked the treatment of disease in the last 100 years. Synthetic and manufactured tablets and drugs are alternate and should be viewed with much more skepticism than we currently apply. Check out this article on the studied effects of “thunder god vine” in treating tumours.


Of course western medicine has brought many good things to the world as well and this should not be diminished. Hence the need for balance in our thinking. These two views should not wage war against each other but rather function together with the common aim of healing people. For this reason it is often better to think in terms of treatment, rather than cures. The word ‘treatment’ is far less definitive and also allows for ones experience to be shared without it needing to be applicable to everyone else. In this way as shared experiences of success are unearthed, a particularly treatment can be appraised in terms of its usefulness and transferability. Unfortunately big money has become involved in medicine and it is hard to be sure about what can be trusted.


Anyway, if you are reading this, it is likely that you have become skeptical about western medicine or you or a loved-one is seriously ill. It is also likely you are starting to doubt traditional treatment and are looking to embrace or partially embrace some alternate solutions. Our encouragement is to keep reading and keep researching. It is also hoped that the Fruit Loop can provide a level of focus and direction which may be useful in your exploration. This page does not provide medical advice and please do everything wisely and with appropriate consultation with your doctor.


Step 1: Adjusting your mindset:


Don’t think of cancer as a disease. It is far better to think of cancer as a symptom or an allergic reaction to something. Even doctors have described it as an allergy or even a fungus.  It does however result in the growth and division of cells. It is really tailored to each individual person and this is how Western medicine is now approaching it. Western medicine seems to do what western nations do far too often: wage war on anything they don’t like! A war-like approach to your health is not always desirable nor is it necessarily the best for your body in its time of need. Spend five minutes contemplating a treatment that focuses on killing your healthy cells and immune system as an approach to treating your sickness.


Please understand that cancer may simplistically described as ‘cells in distress’. It is known to thrive in acidic environments and often can be healed in a more alkaline environment. Most current research initiatives around cancer relate to treatment not cause. 1 in 3 people in the western world will get some form of cancer in their lifetime. Western medicine’s approach to cancer must soon be declared to be the failure that it really is. A quick study of the timeframes around apparent chemotherapy success will show 5 year data only. This is because the success rate beyond 5 years does not bare publishing. Look at the following points:


  • We observe that in the US half the population is now taking more than one prescription drug! The population is sick and drug reliant. Now western medicine has prevailed over a consistent increase in life expectancy and many advancements should be praised. But by all accepted standards and yardsticks the US population is getting sicker not better and yet they are held up as the pinnacle of sound-medicine and advanced development!

  • The World Health Organisation in 2013 has come out and stated we are entering the era of anti-biotic resistance in humans. The reason they give as a primary cause is the amount of anti-biotics we are ingesting through the meat that we eat. We really do need to look at what we put into our body. We could also look at what anti-biotic means: it means “anti-life”. Is this warfare approach to medicine really serving us well? Surely we should sack our doctor if they didn’t prescribe a “pro-biotic” to follow up the use of an anti-biotic.


Western medicine has failed in its approach to cancer and has not really even curbed its impact. Don’t forget that you employ your doctor and you can sack them as well. You are now controlling your health, but this carries a responsibility; you need to be well informed and at the same time, ensure your doctor is well informed and widely-researched.


While many doctors and scientists link cancer to low nutrient or genetically modified food and toxins, no changes in treatment result. Almost all money raised for cancer goes towards drug research or humane care for those dying. Why aren’t we more-aggressively looking for a cause and thereby a way to prevent it?


Western medicine still only delivers surgery, chemotherapy and radiation and has been intent on this standardised approach for many decades now. Two of these treatments actually cause cancer! The toxicity of the chemo drugs is so high that rigorous rules are in place around the handling of these chemo drugs. These drugs are to be insinerated at 1800 degrees because of their sheer toxicity. [Please research “chemo-brain” among women who are being treated with chemo for breast cancer. It is a poor treatment and in need of serious review]. Indeed studies have shown that chemotherapy does not work over 97% of the time! Also read the “MD Emporer has no clothes” by Dr Peter Glidden. While I like much of Dr Glidden’s work, I do not promote his dietary advice whatsoever and for that I would point you to Dr Joel Fuhrman.


The following documentary is a “must-see” for you as you explore an alternative approach to your healing. It is important in understanding the history of medical treatment and assisting your research into alternate treatment. The documentary is “Cancer the forbidden cures“. You should also watch another documentary entitled “Run from the Cure” which looks at Rick Simpson’s cancer cure using cannabis oil.


Remember your body is a detoxification factory – it is simply a mass of cells with many different functions. Your body essentially ingests everything (through mouth and skin) and then expels the waste it has no use for. It does this through sweat, snot, mucas, sleep, ear-wax, faeces, urine and body-odour. These are all natural things and relate to our five senses. Why? Because we should be in touch with what our body is doing and observe what our body deems appropriate to remove from our system. We must feel what it is struggling to process. When we take pain-killers or apply deodorant for example, this is tantamount to putting tape over the oil light on your car dash-board. These ‘indicator lights’ exist for good reason and we should get back in touch with them; smell yourself; watch what your nose expels; observe when and why you get head-aches.


Once you have changed your whole diet and removed as many toxins or highly refined foods from your diet as possible, your lymph nodes (armpits) and your digestive tract will now be the best guide of how your body is detoxing and processing. Always observe and be aware of how your stomach feels and how your armpits smell.


Another helpful thing to do is to understand your digestive system (which starts in your mouth with saliva) as your FIRST brain. Without good nutrition and digestive health your SECOND brain (in your head) and other cells in the body are not sufficiently nourished.


Step 2: Understanding the possible broad causes of cancer:


It is my researched-opinion that cancer is heavily influenced by one or all of these five (5) broad areas:


1.       Diet (digestive tract health and/or the presence of fungus/ candida)

2.       Poor spiritual well being

3.       Poor dental health

4.       Toxin and metal build up in the body

5.    Active ‘bad’ parasites in a body which is unhealthily acidic


All alternative treatments should have a collective and balanced impact on these five areas of your life. Some practical ideas to stimulate your research follow in the sections below.


Step 3: Working with your doctor:


Take charge of your overall health if you are serious about going alternate in respect of cancer. Find a doctor who will support you in what you are doing and make sure they monitor you well. If they don’t fully support what you are doing, be polite with them and always remember most humans have been brainwashed and trained by the ‘system’ or culture they live within. Blindness is not a crime and many doctors have been taught to fear alternative treatment and anything untested. Be humble and forgiving and always remember that your doctor (and any person) may have some great things to teach you and they are also likely to be lovely people who desire to see you well. Bring them with you on your own journey. If you do that well you may go a long way towards making advancements in how the broader medical profession approaches cancer. You will soon tell by their responses as to whether they are ‘invested’ in the system they work within or ‘invested’ in your health improving.


Also remember that while a 100%-dietary approach to treatment may help some people remove their cancer, it may be that your body needs to be repaired on many fronts. Every person is different and many cancers are different also. You may need an integrated approach to your health so work with a doctor but make sure it is the right doctor.


Step 4: Embracing the anti-cancer lifestyle:


By embarking on alternative cancer treatment you are about to seriously simplify your life and this process will be hard at first. One of the first and most important things to do is to change your pantry and your expectations of taste and texture of food and how you apply things to your skin. Think ‘whole foods’ and simple preparation and understand that everything you put on your skin ends up in your blood stream. It will be fun (and even spiritual) as you connect with living foods which have active, living cells which react with your own cells.  Once you start connecting more with living food you will also begin to understand that if it was made in a laboratory or a factory, AVOID IT! If God grew it in the ground or on a tree it is more likely to be OK than if it was made by a chemist in a lab.


Keep your cooking as simple as possible because this transition will be hard enough and you’ll have many other issues to deal with as part of the disease – these will include doubt, anxiety, despair, hopelessness, frustration, blame etc. More than ever you need a simple approach. Forget all fads, diets, new initiatives and gimmicks. Just focus on high nutrient foods and herbs which stimulate your immune system. It is really easy if you remain focused. Raw is better and organic is good but just get high nutrient whole foods into your body! Stay away from high-starch vegetables as well and focus primarily on the high-nutrient cruciferous vegetables and other proven anti-cancer foods (onions, mushrooms etc). This article by Dr Fuhrman is compulsory reading:


The next key step is to understand the inner workings of your body: your digestive tract and gut flora, metals and toxins and their impact, and the possible presence of parasites and their impact on overall health. As you research you will find so much ‘extreme’ information about all of these issues. I am not saying they are right or wrong but please remain calm and don’t be blown around by every wild idea and report. My default position is that if you stimulate your immune system with incredibly high nutrient foods you will detox better and create an environment over the long term where ‘undesirables’ can’t survive easily. Appropriate detox initiatives are also very important in fast-tracking this process.


As you embark on this journey, get your doctor to check for the presence of heavy metals in your body: Mercury, bromide and flouride all cause damage and may be acting to reduce iodine in your system. Iodine is produced by the thyroid gland and is restorative to health (these metals are linked on the periodic table and work together – for benefit or detriment). If you have mercury fillings or poor root-canal treatment, find a restorative dentist and get them removed as they are poisoning your body and potentially reducing iodine levels. Reduced iodine levels are known to contribute to some cancers. Also stop drinking fluoride which is also a poison as this also can fight against the role of iodine in your body. Check out Dr Brownstein on You Tube in relation to iodine and its potential role in breast, thyroid, prostate, ovarian and endocrine cancers. Check out the Iodine Project on line.


Obviously it is critical for The Fruit Loop to advise that this is not medical advice or medical opinion but simply the sum of research and collective experience from many different people. Don’t try and be silly and prove a point. This is your health and you should take an integrated approach – one which embraces all the good in western medicine and all the good in alternative treatments and good diet. Consult your doctor! But understand that YOU make the choice about your health but YOU should also observe the clear evidence of many decades of failed performance by western medicine in relation to cancer. From this backdrop you must decide whether to subject yourself to its “tried and tested” treatments. The medical industry has been built on the back of financial profits and these companies really have an obligation to act in the interest of their shareholders. This means money first and your health second. Indeed it is an industry that is sustained by you being sick not well!


You should always work with your doctor but please make sure your doctor is healthy. Be a little unreasonable in your approach, don’t be complicit. Why is it that many people do incredible research and become challenging when it comes to buying a new television but most people seem to become very timid when talking to a doctor about cancer? Fight for your right to good health!


So assuming you have digested all of this and done some research on the ‘obvious leads’ provided above, read on. If you haven’t, please stop here and start some solid research of your own. If you believe me without verification of what I’ve said then that is not good enough for your health. Remember you are now being ‘unreasonable’ and you are taking control of your own health. Don’t believe everything you read on a website, but weigh it up and see what you feel within yourself. Any medical theory your explore should (1) make sense medically or scientifically, (2) make sense to your intellect and (3) have people who have experienced its success and testify to its validity. To this end the internet is very powerful provided it is used wisely. But please read good medical papers and research findings from established professionals. Be discerning. There is a lot of rubbish out there and you will have to sift through all of that, but don’t judge too early. Some things labelled as ‘quackery’ are likely to be very useful and helpful. Don’t worry about the people who the industry call ‘quacks’. If a doctor has been marginalised and labelled as a ‘quack’ but is getting good results, then have a really close look at what they are saying. The ‘system’ will expel free thinkers in order to survive and maintain the status-quo.


So if you are still reading you are probably now you are ready to start adding some ‘alternative’ treatments to your cancer healing regime. This is a new paradigm that some would potentially label as dangerous and quackery! Help build a community database of what works and what doesn’t by staying in touch and sharing your experience.


Anyway, my ‘untrained’ opinion is that you should implement the following under appropriate advisement.


Step 5: Implementation – Remove ALL of the following from your diet and your body:


  • All refined sugars and artificial sweeteners (sugar feeds cancer and saccharine causes cancer)
  • All processed foods and refined/ added salt (including fruit juices which are highly refined and full of fructose)
  • All wheat products (all wheat in the world is now dwarf-wheat which is genetically modified and well linked to cancer although not medically proven yet)
  • All grains as much as possible (whole grain rice and oats are ok in moderation)
  • All seed oils and vegetable oils (sunflower, canola, vegetable, safflower, olive etc)
  • All dairy (it produces mucas which helps cancer thrive and stimulates the IGF-1 hormone)
  • All red meat (full of toxins and difficult to digest and also high in animal protein which stimulates IGF-1 hormone)
  • Minimise egg intake as much as possible (it also stimulates IGF-1 hormone)
  • All toxins, (read labels carefully; you must try and avoid all preservatives and chemicals – this includes artificial flavors and colours)
  • All chemicals which you place on your skin or in your mouth (throw out all your toothpastes, deodorants, skin products, hair dyes, shampoos, soaps, washing up liquids, cleaning agents etc)
  • Dramatically minimise coffee, caffeine and alcohol

If you are in shock at this list, remember that you or a loved-one has cancer! Get over it, work hard, learn how to cook from scratch and get serious about restoring full health. It is possible. Continue your own research on food and cancer by reading this article by Dr Fuhrman which supports the list above.


How do I kick-start my system (first week):


  • While you can’t really test for it, it is likely you are deficient in magnesium and should also start taking magnesium which promotes health. Drink magnesium chloride or some form of magnesium (1/2 Tbsp powder mixed in 500m of room temperature water with some lemon if you like) and drink throughout the day. Do this for about 3 days. Once you are magnesium enriched you may notice it will start to expel and you experience something like diarrhea. This is normal and likely means you are appropriately full of magnesium.
  • Start a 3-6 day vegetable juice fast (3 meals a day). This will help clean out your system and also ingest massive doses of raw vegetable nutrients which stimulate your immune system and promote alkalinity which help cure cancer.
  • Do a digestive tract detox with bentonite clay (or research zeolite). Mix 1 tsp of bentonite clay powder (or 1 Tbsp of liquid clay) in 1 cup (250mL or 8 oz) of water. Stir briskly and drink and then drink another glass of water immediately after. Follow this up with 1 tsp of psyllium husk with 1 cup water. Drink well all day and do this 1 hour either side of meals three times a day.
  • Research and consider a parasite cleanse with green black walnut hull tincture. This is a totally safe and natural way to restore health on many fronts, but this also has iodine and helps restore the body’s pH levels if you are acidic which is where cancer thrives. Some cancers are possibly directly caused by parasites as well according to some doctors and this may provide direct help. Start your own research on green black walnut shell here and here. It is also summised by some that cancer is actually a fungus and has strong links to candida. Start your research here.
  • Yeast is an antagonist to mineral absorption so get rid of it from your diet ASAP.


How should I eat after my week 1 detox program:

 80% fruit and vegetables with nuts and seeds (raw wherever you can)

  • Try and eat only organic food and try and be aware of anything that may have been sprayed or genetically modified in some way (poor quality fruit and veggies carry toxins that your body needs to not process at this stage)
  • Take cold pressed virgin coconut oil in your diet and cook with it as you would any other oil (3 Tbsp max per day however)
  • Replace comfort foods wherever possible (like rice with organic quinoa which is similar and very nutritious).
  • Start researching good recipes which fit the bill. Be strict on yourself as this is a major issue you are dealing with. The fruit loop is a valuable resource of high nutrient recipes and you shouldn’t need too many others but some sites do have some good recipes.

How do I clean and care for myself and my home:


  • Make your own deodorant (with less toxins you won’t smell much after a while anyway. Don’t block your lymph nodes while treating cancer!)
  • Make your own toothpaste (as traditional toothpaste contains three known carcinogens).
  • Practice oil pulling with coconut oil or hemp seed oil. Place one tsp in your mouth and pull it between closed teeth so that it goes to your mouth and then back to the area between your teeth and lips. The oil essentially pulls between the natural gaps in your teeth. It is a great face-muscle exercise as well. Do this for about 15-20 minutes per day and then spit the oil out and clean your teeth. This practice is untested but quite ancient.
  • Use sodium bicarbonate as your soap, and find natural plant-based washing powders, dishwashing powders and household cleaning agents. Remove from your home all other poisons which you easily ingest through your mouth or your skin.
  • Find a natural plant based soap for showering and buy a little soap stand to let the water drain away as they get soggy quickly. Hemp soap is very good.
  • Align your energy sources by doing the five Tibetan rites. These are known to promote detoxification and good health.
  • Connect with your God, forgive others and ensure there is no bitterness within you.

For some more alternate research have a look at the following documentaries and sites:

The Cure – Dr Hulda Clark (1 hour)

Every cancer can be cured in weeks – Dr Leonard Caldwell (5 minutes) PS – this guy has much hate surrounding him if you start researching so be diligent and wise in your research. I have not formed a view on what he says but offer it purely as a point of view.

Natural Society Cancer article.

Nigella Sativa oil (from black cumin seeds) for treating cancer. This natural news site discusses several studies and has links to the medical papers:

Google Medical cannabis oil.



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